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ENERGY STAR appliances and lighting, WaterSense bathroom and irrigation products, and green building materials.

In order for products to be available through Quantity Quotes suppliers, they must meet environmental criteria in one of the following categories:



ENERGY STAR is the trusted designation for products that save money and protect the environment. as defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Products earn the Energy Star label by meeting the energy efficiency requirements set forth in ENERGY STAR product specifications.

  • Product categories must contribute significant energy savings nationwide.
  • Qualified products must deliver the features and performance demanded by consumers, in addition to increased energy efficiency.
  • If the qualified product costs more than a conventional, less-efficient counterpart, purchasers will recover their investment in increased energy efficiency through utility bill savings, within a reasonable period of time.
  • Energy efficiency can be achieved through broadly available, non-proprietary technologies offered by more than one manufacturer.
  • Product energy consumption and performance can be measured and verified with testing.

ENERGY STAR products available on Quantity Quotes for commercial and residential applications


ENERGY STAR Appliances:


For more information about ENERGY STAR, please see:



WaterSense Products

WaterSense is a partnership program by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency which seeks to protect the future of our nation's water supply by promoting water-efficient products and services.

The WaterSense goal is to provide consumers with environmentally-preferable products that save water and money without compromising performance. To earn the WaterSense label, products must be certified to be at least 20% more efficient than other comparably-performing products.

WaterSense products available on Quantity Quotes for commercial and residential applications


WaterSense Bathroom Products:

WaterSense Other Products:


Green Building Materials

Environmentally-preferable fiberglass and cellulose insulation can be used in building energy upgrades and retrofits. The insulation products available through Quantity Quotes are certified through third-party testing to:

  •   Emit ultra-low amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  •   Have a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled content

For more information on insulation, see the StopWaste insulation guide:

Neither the Department of Energy nor the Environmental Protection Agency have reviewed and approved the listed green products. Such products were designated as green by criteria developed by StopWaste.


Additional Green Products

Additional environmentally-preferable products will be added soon. If there are specific product types that you would like to see added to Quantity Quotes, please contact us.

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